A sketch of Canna's profile.

Canna Ebens is a 19 year old female fel of Kashep origins. She is very tall for her species and is 3' 8. Her feathers are covered in long streaks that trail vertically and diagonally down her dorsal side and face (including eye). The rest of her is mostly plain save for a series of dashes arranged in a v-shape on her chest. She displays a distinctive and almost mop-like bunch of long head feathers extending to her nape that look resemble hair as well as long down-curved tufts.

Ironically, considering the fact she towers over most of her kind, Canna has been rather babied her entire life by her wealthy single father due to her neurological syndrome. Canna has rethrigur (the -gur suffix generally denoting pathologies in Faunijan) or Primary Sensory Disorganization (Primary dennoting its natal rather than external cause) which has various expressions that are similar to symptoms of Autism spectrum, ADHD, and synesthesia. While her illness has no affect on her intelligence, she is in the average bracket, it does make her easily overwhelmed, sensitive to stimuli, or even oblivious in a mixed way that appears confusing and arbitrary to those who do not understand the condition. In Canna's case she even has synethesia, specifically attaching specific colors to both symbols and sounds and this probably plays a large role in her love for music.

Interests & SkillsEdit

Canna mostly makes music, usually composing songs on her rhizan (an instrument played with the hands and feet that resembles a two-story piano) but is also known to play net ball (basket ball) and web ball (volleyball) when the oppurtunity arises. Aquaculture is another big hobby of hers and she boasts elaborate fishtanks which may be a nod to her ocean-loving longtime friend, Litora.

She probably sounds a bit like this.

Personality & RelationshipsEdit

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Canna and Litora refer to each other as not only "music buddies" but also "BFFs".