Map of Felvin

Felvin is essentially if Earth had a relic population of avialans survived the K/P event that presumably killed off all non-Avian dinosaurs. It lacks an antarctic continent resulting in a higher global temperature than the current as well as little glaciation aside from the Poles. Felvin is also slightly smaller than Earth but otherwise identical save for a larger Madagascar (Tytos), isolated South America (Faunija), and currently disconnected Africa and Eurasia (Glavoika and Drakanik respectively). Information on its endemic fauna is basically the same for Earth with a few exceptions in light of the differences highlighted above. Otherwise, you already know what's up pre. much.


Felvin exhibits five continents: Faunija, Glavoika, Drakanik, Ferruginous, and Tytos. Feraile is considered a large island off of Glavoika by most geographers or is lumped with Tytos under "Oceania" much like Australia and the West Indies but even further apart.


picture of Felvin planet+moon (Shul)

In the International language the sun is known as Aul or Cer and is a yellow main sequence star just like our own.