International or Trifold (to those that feel "international" is not an apt term for a language that isn't a true average of those globally but rather heavily influnced by the three most powerful states) is a language slightly artificial in creation. It is largely based on a tongue that developed during the DE's occupation of Faunija and is mostly a blend of the now-archaic Faunijan spoken then, some modern Faunijan, Berg Drakana, as well as Rossa-Glavoik (the last the most artificial of editions and largely added to seal the deal for its use between the three nations, of course the Glavoik state still hardly uses it because they are the proudest nation that really doesn't care half the time BUT YEAH).

Some Vocabularly & TermsEdit

Felvin- the planet, based on an old-Faunijan word for soil.

Felth- soil/dirt, same as modern-Faunijan.

Fel- Natally sapient species of Felvin.

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