Litora Glade is an approximately 19 years old female calu who lives in isolation somewhere along the shoreline of Northern Faunija. Her jur type is cerulean blue and she is off Northern-Tlin ancestry. She is 3' 6" in height which is above average.

Previously Litora served under the Faunijauzi alongside Anethra (among others) but that ended rather badly.

Interests & SkillsEdit

Litora appears to be the no-good pothead of the group, an agoraphobic ex-soldier residing in a small beach house far far enough from everything else. She is passionate about poetry and humanistic thought but also studies a significant amount of medicene (and often helps patch up Anethra's more secret injuries). She collects a variety of knick-knacks she finds on the ocean, her shelf including a jar of driftwood fragments, a jar of sharkteeth, and many housing specific shells. She also has a karp-like kite on her ceiling but no actual pets except for a small striped guppy Canna gave her. The walls of her room are littered with not only shark and cetacean posters but also voluptuous powerful fel females, more than revealing her homosexual tendencies.

Despite her shanty-looking lifestyle, Litora is highly intelligent and was one of the highest ranked adolescent soldiers in the Faunijauzi back in the day (before she more than quit after her ex-girlfriend's death). Even Anethra says she would not actually wish to tangle with her.

Personality & RelationshipsEdit

She appears to be very close to Anethra and the two visit eachother frequently at Ltiora's home and possibly have a or had a romantic and/or sexual relationship in addition to their more public friendship.

Aside from Anethra, Litora has few other friends who see her due to her agoraphobic nature but she and Canna also hang out quite a bit and the two consider themselves "music buddies" and "BFFs".