Taltora is a revered historical and/or mythological figure. She is the equivalent of a saint to many Fels and her story was the inspiration the Faunijans needed to take back their land from the DE. Her name differs as it has been translated many times over, Taltora Nauzh being the old Faunijan form.

She is frequently illustrated as a set of hovering narrow eye slits and accompanying halo or as an enormous barn owl typically holding up three fingers (a sacred number) or wearing a pale yellow robe. Othertimes she is grasping a fern, an important symbol of ressurection as well as tradition to the Faunijans (ferns are among the oldest of land plants and a type called a ressurection fern appears dead but springs back to life after rain).

She is accredited to being the first mage in written history but scholars debate whether or not she actually existed with some suggesting she may have been an oddly large Tyto gigantea or related species as they once dwelled where she is said to have lived. However, that proposed creature lived millions of years ago leading some to believe she was a ressurrected fossil brought back to life to enlighten the Fels.