The Great Aves are the physical manifestations and subsequent sentient versions of several expressions of jur. It remains unknown whether or not they are the result of jur use or jur use is made possible or facilitated by their existance. Currently it is believed that the five "natural" elementals are dependent on "jur handouts" in the form of temple offerings and in exchange offer various services and help cycle the energies throughout the land but this might be the result of a calu population that has increased its use in the ultimately limited energy. Indeed the most depenendent appears to be the currently dormant Flammave and fire is a common type among various cultures. It should also be noted that many of their apparent personalities and ways have developed to match the meanings Fels have attached to their respective element.

The MoraveEdit

The Morave is one of two special gods that are responsible for life and death but more specifically
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The Morave

the recycling of souls back into the world of Felvin so a new generation can arise. The Morave is a bit like a decomposer, the shattered and otherwise damned cores (or juric centers/souls) would only continue to wreak havoc if sent back. So first, he must essentially reset them by bringing them back to life to do a sort of mixed prison-sentence and cognitive-behavioral therapy aka playing good cop bad cop with the devious until they are ready to be relieved by the Imorave and channeled back.

The LittiaveEdit

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The Littiave

The Littiave is a natural elemental god that deals with water, a compound vital to the health of Felvin organisms and their biological setup. She remains largely independent thanks to her bountiful element, and is rumored to exist somewhere along the North pole. She appears to share a close relationship with the Ventilave and together the two can manage the weather. When a hurricane is scheduled to strike Faunija or anywhere else she and the Ventilave are often apealed to for this reason as they have the power to "undo" it, as exhausting as it can be for them.


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Old drawing of the Flammave.

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The Ventilave.